Salmonella control - Scandinavia

In Salmonella control programs in Scandinavia no vaccination is used and the emphasis is on biosecurity with extensive flock monitoring.

Salmonella-free poultry production is based on five basic principles:

  1. The breeding pyramid is free of Salmonella.
    All grandparent birds are imported, quarantined and repeatedly tested for Salmonella.
  2. Feed and water given to the chickens must be Salmonella-free.
    This is achieved through:
    • import control on raw materials.
    • mandatory heat treatment of compound feeding stuff for poultry.
    • HACCP-based Salmonella control in the feed industry.
  3. Chickens must be kept in a Salmonella-free environment.
    High hygiene and biosecurity standards.
  4. Regular monitoring of the whole production chain.
    Samples are taken from flock to slaughterhouse level.
  5. Immediate action whenever Salmonella is detected.
Percentage of Salmonella-positive flocks in Scandinavia 2000
Finland Sweden Norway Denmark
Layer breeders 0 0 0 0.6
Layers 0.1 0.4 0 3.7
Broiler breeders 0 0 0 0.7
Broilers 1 0.1 2.1