Salmonella Prevention and Control

Salmonella contaminates the environment, poultry flocks and poultry products. An eradication program is unrealistic.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes that control of Salmonella infection from poultry products can take place in three areas:

  1. Education of the public.
  2. Improvements in slaughter hygiene and technology.
  3. Control of infection in the chickens themselves.

Control of Salmonella Infection in chickens

  1. Start with chicks known to be Salmonella-negative.
  2. Monitor the flock for Salmonella infection.
  3. Take appropriate action in cases of Salmonella outbreaks
  4. Effective biosecurity.
  5. Maximize the protective mechanisms of the individual birds.
    • vaccination.
    • optimization of the intestinal flora.

The combination of these points provides a series of ‘hurdles’ to minimize the risk of Salmonella infection.

A broken egg

Preventing Salmonella infection in poultry will decrease salmonellosis in humans.

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