Salmonella and poultry

Salmonella infections in poultry can be divided into host specific infections, non-host specific infections and infections and infections with the sub genus Salmonella Arizonae.

Host specific infections

Salmonella Pullorum and Salmonella Gallinarum are highly adapted to the host species and are of little public health concern. In most developed countries the incidence of S. Pullorum and S. Gallinarum is low due to adequate control measures.

Infections with paratyphoid Salmonella

Paratyphoid Salmonellas are non-host-specific (e.g. S.Enteritidis and S. Typhimurium). They are the cause of Salmonella-food poisoning in humans.


Arizonosis in poultry is caused by Infections with serotypes of the sub-genus S. Arizonae.

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Salmonella and poultry
Salmonella colonies growing on blood agar.

Vaccination contributes to the control of Salmonella.