Fowl Typhoid

Salmonella Gallinarum causes Fowl Typhoid, an acute or chronic septicaemic disease of mature chickens.

Salmonella Gallinarum

Clinical disease is usually seen in older chickens, young chicks may be affected.

Acute Disease

  • Respiratory distress and depression.
  • The most characteristic clinical sign is mucoid yellow diarrhoea.

Sub-acute outbreaks

  • Sporadic mortality over a long period.

Chronic disease

  • May follow acute or sub-acute disease.
  • Loss of condition and severe anaemia is seen.

Transmission of S. Gallinarum

  • Excreted in the faeces of infected birds.
  • S. Gallinarum persists in faeces for at least one month and longer in carcasses.
  • Egg transmission may also occur.

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