Salmonella in the European Union

From 1995 there has been a downward trend in Salmonella infections across the EU. The situation varies in individual countries depending on the presence or absence of Salmonella control programs.

Map of Europe

Salmonella in humans

Overall the number of human cases decreased by 31% between 1995 and 2000.

Across the EU S. Enteritidis is the most common isolate associated with food poisoning in humans, with serotype PT4 predominating.

For data on Salmonella cases in individual countries see legislation.

Salmonella in Poultry

In 1994 the EU Zoonoses Directive 92/117/EEC was implemented across Europe. Many countries also began their own Salmonella control programs. These measures have proved effective for the control of Salmonella in poultry.


Annual report on zoonoses in Denmark


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United Kingdom

Zoonoses Report for the United Kingdom from the DEFRA web site
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