Feed and Water for Poultry

Poultry feed and drinking water can be contaminated by Salmonella. This is a possible source of infection.

Vaccinating poultry will protect against infection at all points during production.


  • Animal protein may be contaminated with Salmonella.
  • Vegetable proteins may be contaminated before or during processing.

Control measures:

  • Testing of raw materials is part of the Salmonella control program in some countries.

The risk of feed being contaminated is relatively small. The potential for spread of Salmonella infection from contaminated feed is however huge.

  • Salmonella contamination may be intermittent and therefore may not always be present in the finished product. Feed samples for Salmonella testing should be taken from inside the equipment and from related spillage.
  • Air supply and control of temperature and humidity in the vicinity of the cooler are very important to avoid recontamination.
  • Heat or chemical treatment of feed may be necessary.

Drinking water

  • Tanks storing water should be monitored for the presence of salmonellas.
  • Nipple drinkers are less likely to transmit salmonellas than bell or cup drinkers.