Prevention of Salmonella infection for the consumer

Ideally Salmonella free products should be used. Contamination with Salmonella bacteria is still possible at this level.

The following precautions will prevent Salmonella contamination from the environment and help prevent food poisoning from products that may contain Salmonella:

  • Clean – Hands and surfaces should be washed often.
  • Separate – Avoid cross-contamination. Separate chopping boards should be used for poultry meat and vegetables.
  • Chill – Eggs and poultry meat should be kept in the refrigerator. Multiplication of bacteria takes place in Salmonella-contaminated food that is kept warm for long periods.(G.W Froning, 2003).
  • Cook – Poultry meat should be thoroughly cooked. Eggs should be cooked until firm for infants or immuno-compromised people.

People suffering from Salmonellosis should not prepare food.